4 Uses for Decorative File Folders

Admit it: You are addicted to office supplies. Along with sticky notes and paper clips, you own more file folders than the local IRS office. But in this increasingly digital world, your actual need to file has diminished. Here are some tips to use those cute folders.

1. Scrapping the Scrapbook Paper

Use your adorbs file folders as stylish mat paper behind those family photos you’ve been meaning to frame. Besides, you know you look at those photos way more than you ever looked in your filing cabinet. Win-win: the folders get used and your family photos finally made it out of their envelopes.

2. Tag Time

Scissors, hole punch, ribbon — check. Also, grab that pineapple folder you love but have no actual filing for.  These are gift-tag crafting essentials. Cut out a tag shape, punch a hole, add a colorful ribbon, and voila, you have a gift tag for that bottle of wine or housewarming gift. While you’re at it, make a few more — you’ll be ready for the next gift-giving event.

3. Artwork Attack

The artwork, oh, the artwork. Your kid loves to create it and you love to look at it. But with new pieces every week, your refrigerator can only display so much. It’s time to put those owl file folders to work by collecting and organizing last week’s art to make space for new drawings. If you’re really feeling the file folder organization urge, label the files with the artist’s name, approximate dates or other important information so you don’t forget who drew it or what that squiggly shape with random appendages was supposed to represent (a squirrel? Mommy taking a nap?).

4. Hot-Hued Handiness

Those brilliantly colored floral folders that you bought during your winter doldrums can now spice up those few important pieces of paper that haven’t yet succumbed to e-billing and e-portals. Turn one or more of the folders inside out to reveal the bright inside colors. Round up those bills, report cards or permission slips and put them inside. The colors of the folders can’t be missed on your counter or desk. Add some washi tape labels so you remember the contents of each folder.